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Fotografia Professionale d'Architettura e d'Interni


Price List (discounted prices are available to Estate Agents, please contact me)

Economy Packages (photos & floor plan)

These packages are thought for anyone who needs to sell or rent a property. 


Up to 1 hour shoot, £150

I normally present a selection of 10 to 20 edited images between exteriors and interiors with this package. 

I also always propose alternative shots from different angles on top of the selected images.

Floor plan is charged at £60 up to 1000 sq ft and an additional £0,05 per square feet after the first 1000 sq ft.

If ordered at the same time, photos plus floor plan come at £180 for properties up to 3 bedrooms.

All the images are delivered retouched at both High and Low resolution for printed materials and web, and they will be sent trough a private link by email from which will be possible to download them.

Both Images and floor plan, are delivered within 24 hours from the shoot.

There will be no extra charge if the exterior shot needs to be done again in future in case it was raining on the day of the shoot, although blue sky will be added in post production for the temporary provisional shot. 

If there is anything different you need from the above, please get in touch to talk about how I can help you.

Premium Packages (photography)

Those packages are thought for Hotel Managers, Architects, Interior Designers, Property Developers, Construction Companies and High End Estate Agents.

I offer a half day and full day service which might also include night/evening shots.

Compared to the Economy package, there is more time spent both in the shoot as in the post production to achieve a certain result.

Most of the images created, are the result of multiple exposures and more artificial flash light is involved in the creation of a certain atmosphere.

I came to offer those packages as the nature of the job is different compare to shoot for Estate Agencies.

While an Estate Agent generally needs a quick and reliable service, Interior Designers, Hotel Managers and Architects are more interested in working at my side to make sure the shots are taken in a certain way, and don't want to be worried about a limited number of photos created, while instead be sure to get all the shots they need, in the way they need them.

Premium Half Day, £350 (4 hours shoot)


Premium Full Day, £650 (8 hours shoot, including night/evening shots.)

No limited amount of photos.

Exterior images with drone (where applicable), £90


Video Packages

I believe Videos, are the best way to engage your audience these days through web and social networks.

I create 3 kinds of video, Walk Through, Reels and Cinematic.

The Walk Through are today's best way to do a sort of Online Viewing.

I use a specialised camera on a gimbal to enter from the main door of the apartment and walk all over the place showing every room. There is no music and the video itself is generally one take only, a continuous long shot. After watching the video (it generally last from one to three minutes, according on how big the property is), you can record your voice over and send the audio file to me, I will then add it on the video itself and deliver it back to you at no extra charge.

As there is little post production needed for this kind of videos, the price is only £90 including the attendance fee and all the expenses to deliver the final product, or just £60 extra if ordered in conjunction with a photo package.  

Walk Through WC1

Walk Through WC1

Play Video

Walk Through sample


are basically a 30 seconds vertical layout highlight version of the Walk Through.

Are thought to be best displayed on mobile devices and Instagram channel.

As the Walk Through, I charge £90 when ordered on it's own, or just £60 extra when ordered in conjunction with another photo or video package (Walk Through or Cinematic).

Cinematic Videos,

means that instead of simply holding the camera while walking around, as in cinema, every scene is carefully thought, lightened, composed and finally shot.

You could pause the video at any moment, and the image showed it's a well framed photo.

The camera movement is led by the music to add dynamicity, emphasize the atmosphere, and show that beyond that a simple still can't do.

Those kind of videos, compare to the Walk Through, involve the use of different lenses, lights and much more time in post production.

All my cinematic videos are delivered in 4k resolution.


Fully Edited Cinematic Video, £245

pre production: email or phone

production: up to 1 hour of filming to deliver a 60 seconds fully edited cinematic video

post production: 2,5 hours (video delivered within 48 hours from the shoot)

To guarantee a quality product, and at the same time speed up my editing process and keep the price contained, I choose the music myself, although you can high light your genre preference during the pre production phase.

Alternatively, you can choose the following extra services:

Choose your own music, £65

the music has to be chosen (and licensed) from a supplier that I will provide you.

My quote includes the license cost and the additional time needed in post production.

Add Drone footage, £65

I'm a certified drone pilot, and if there are not flight restrictions in the area of you property, we can add drone footage to show the exterior and surrounding area.