Hi Tyler and Rebecca.

This is an hidden link of my website for you to look at the images taken on your wedding day last Saturday.

I love B&W and made for you a copy of the images for you to look at, although you also have a colour copy of them.

Please, feel free to download and share any image you wish, also note that they are optimised for screen resolution only, not for printing.

If you wish to get a full high resolution of them for printing, there is no problem. I would only need your email so i can send you a link to download them, or we could meet somewhere in London and I would be happy to put them on a USB or some other device for you.

EIther way, if you wish to get some prints done, I would encourage you to get them trough me. I would not charge you any extra of what the lab charge me, but I will make sure you will get good quality prints.


That's it! Hope you will like them!

I wish we had more time for the portraits and that the ceremony would have last longer, but I always have these wishes on every wedding, even on the 12 hours lasting...

It has been nice to meet you, and I wish you all the best!