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Real Estate Pro Photography, complete personalised packages of Photography, Floor Plans and Video


After more than 10 years of experience in the Visual Property Marketing business, I offer to Estate Agents, complete personalised packages of Photography, Video, Floor Plans​ and other Virtual Solutions.

Photography & Floor Plans

My photography aims to highlight the selling points of a Property.

The use of a wide angle, the mixture of natural and artificial light, and the framed of each image, shows the property as it's best and it captures the atmosphere.

I personally take care of the post production, and guarantee a fast 24 hours turnaround of both, images and floor plan.


My Floor Plans are made according the RICS standards. All images are delivered retouched at both High and Low resolution for printed materials and web.

There will be no extra charge if the exterior shot needs to be done again in future in case it was raining, although blue sky will be added in post production for the temporary provisional shot.

I provide an easy and practical way to book and download images trough my website and a 100% satisfaction guarantee or money back policy, is applied on every shoot.

Prices from £95...


Video Packages

I believe Videos, are the best way to engage your audience these days through web and social networks.

I create "cinematic videos", which means that instead of simply holding a camera and press "record" while looking around, as in cinema, every scene is carefully thought, lightened, composed and finally shot.

I believe a good video starts from a beautiful photography, and I like to think that any scene of my videos could be paused and show a nice image.

The camera movement (leaded by the music) add than dynamicity, emphasize, and show that beyond that a simple still can't do.

Before talking about price, I believe is necessary to understand that a price for a video is composed of three phases: pre production, production and post production.

The pre production can be done face to face, by phone or by email.

In these phase, I need to collect all the necessary informations, what needed to be filmed, what you like to achieve with your video, necessary permits etc... 

The production, is the actual filming phase...

The post production, is the editing time to deliver the final product.

All my videos are delivered in 4k resolution and I do 3 video packages which take in consideration the above three phases to deliver the final products.

Despite the difference in price, I always take pride of my products and aim to deliver the best as possible according to the budget.

Prices from £249...


Virtual Tour (360 images) and Virtual Staging

It's amazing what we can achieve these days thanks to the technology and the way we show our products that constantly push us in finding new solutions.

An immersive 360 Virtual Tour experience, can be a very effective way to show your place to a potential client anywhere in the world.

There are many ways to create a VR experience these days, some very cheap ways trough mobile app and some more time consuming through proper camera, equipment and software. I guess it all depends on how and where you like to show your images.

My 360 virtual tours can be viewed at high quality on both small and big screens.

Prices from £150...

Virtual Staging

Empty Property? I have got you covered...

An empty property, can some time look a bit boring and attract way less potential buyers...

I can digitally stage the room in order to create a more attractive and engaging image.

Prices from £45...


(original image)

(virtual staged image)


Price List​

Economy Packages (photos & floor plan):

10 Photos Only, £95 (45 minutes)

10 Photos + Floor Plan 1 Bedroom, £105 (1 hour and 15 minutes)

10 Photos + Floor Plan 2-3 Bedrooms, £135 (1 hour and 45 minutes)

10 Photos + Floor Plan 4-5 Bedrooms, £165 (2 hours and 30 minutes)

On top of the selected images included in the package, I always provide alternative angles and different views.

Premium Packages (photography):

Half Day, unlimited number of photos, £350 (4 hours shoot)

Full Day, unlimited number of photos including night shots, £650 (8 hours shoot)

Video Packages:

Video Premium, £249

- up to one minute long fully edited cinematic video

- music license included in the price (music of my choice, this help me to speed up the post production process and keep the price contained)

- 1,5 hours filming and 4 hours of post production needed. Video delivered within 48 hours.

Video Gold, £449

- up to one and an half minute long fully edited cinematic video

- music license and/or voice over included in the price (music of your choice selected and licensed from supplier provided)

- 2,5 hours filming and 8 hours of post production needed. Video delivered within 72 hours.

Video Aerial Gold, £749

everything like the gold package plus aerial footage from a professional drone.

Virtual Tours / 360 images, £150

for properties up to 3 bedrooms, £20 extra per room for bigger properties.

Virtual Staging, £45 per image


Based in West London, I regularly work anywhere inside the M25.


+44 7709 654324