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Architectural & Interior Professional Photography

ENRICO BIGA photography

Architectural & Interior Professional Photography

Complete personalised packages, from Economy of just a few hours shoot to Premium half day and full day which might also include night/evening shots.

Images delivered at both High and Low resolution for printed materials and web.

Floor Plans

Dedicated to Estate Agents, and anyone who needs to sell or rent a property, I offer packages of Photography and Floor Plan, in order to create complete brochures and other visual marketing solutions. Floor Plans are made according to the RICS standard and I guarantee a fast 24 hours turnaround.

ENRICO BIGA photography
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Video Making

The Video is the best way to engage your audience these days.

My Videos, are composed of still photos, clips of footage, interactive text, music and interview. There are endless applications and options to create an engaging clip and better sell your products.

Aerial / Drone

I'm a certified Drone Pilot, and if there are no flight restrictions in the area you are interested, I can provide both aerial still photos and footage


Virtual Tours / 360 Images​

An immersive 360 Virtual Tour experience, can be a very effective way to show your place to a potential client anywhere in the world.

My 360 virtual tours can be viewed at high quality on both small and big screens.

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Virtual Staging​

An empty property, can some time look a bit boring and attract way less potential buyers...​ I can digitally stage the room in order to create a more attractive and engaging image.


feel free to contact me at any time or check the FAQ page.

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