Hi Mark.

This is an hidden link of my website for you to look and download images and video taken at your property.

Once you click on the link below, you should get redirected to an online album. Each image should display an arrow pointing down in the right bottom corner, click on that to download your image.

There are 2 albums, HR which stand for High Resolution and are ideal for prints, and LR (low resolution) ideal for wb.

The HR are resized at 5000px and LR at 1500px, if you need a bigger or lower resolution, let me know.

The Video is still a bit of a work in progress... I would need your feedback and ideas, we can add text or voice over at any part of it. I would also need an High Resolution version of your logo to put in the beginning and end as the one I have placed now is a simple screen shot from your website, it is just to give you an idea and won't look nice on any bigger screen than a mobile phone.

Any questions, feel free to contact me at any time,

talk soon.