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ENRICO BIGA photography

Real Estate Pro Photography, complete personalised packages of Photography, Video and Floor Plans

Do you need a Floor Plan or a Site Plan but are too busy to do it yourself???

From prices starting at £60 and 24 hours turnaround, book today to get it done tomorrow.

Fees start at £60 for a property big up to 1000 square feet, then there is an additional charge of £0,50 per square feet.

My Floor Plans are made according to the RICS standards, and are delivered by email within 24 hours in different formats, JPEG (high and low resolutions), GIF and PDF.

I'm a Professional Photographer specialised in the Property Marketing business, if you'd like to find out more about my services while are here, please check my site at the following address:

To get in touch and Book your Floor Plan today, call me, email me, or fill the contact form below.


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