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Architectural & Interior Professional Photography


How much do you charge?

My packages start from a range of £95 to £749, depends about the service required, your demands, and other factors.

I offer personalised packages to suit better the different needs, from Economy of just a few hours (ideal for Estate Agents), to Premium half day and full day which might also include night/evening shots and generally suit better the needs of Architects, Interior Designers and Hotel Managers.

By adding your email in the subscribe form located at the bottom of the Home Page, you will immediately receive a full detailed price list.

What are your Services?

Photography, Video and Floor Plans according to the RICS standard.

I don’t personally provide EPS, but can put you in contact with someone who does it for as little as £60.


What is your turnaround time?

24 Hours for Photos and Floor Plan of the Economy Service, 72 hours for the Premium (as it involves much more post production), Video vary from 48hours to 72 according to the selected package.

How long do you take to shoot a Property?

The Premium Services are for half day or a full day.

My Economy Services take from 1 hour to 2 hours, depends on how big the property is. 

How will I receive my images?

After registered on this website, you will be able Log In into a personal area from which place orders and access to previously completed jobs at any time.

Your images will be ready for download at both web and print resolution after the above mentioned turnaround time, (24 hours for the Economy Photos plus Floor Plan package).

They will stay online and available to be downloaded for 30 days, I will then keep a safe copy of them in My Archive.

Alternatively, I could send you a link or provide a USB.


What about if it's raining during the day of the shoot?

There is no problem for the interior shots, just the exteriors.

I aim to deliver a personalised and dedicated service. In case of rain during the day of the shoot, it will be my interest to retake for free the exterior shots as soon as convenient, and replace them in the download folder without asking you to take any action. Either way, a provisional shot with blue sky added in post production will also be provided.

What is your availability?

I'm available to work six days a week Monday to Saturday.


Please, feel free to contact me at any time by phone or email if you wish to find out more about it, or alternatively, sign up on this website.

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