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Architectural & Interior Professional Photography


Italian born (1977), I obtained a diploma in photography in 1998 in Turin and started working in the industry immediately after. In the end of 1999, I moved to London and I kept studying photography at the London College of Communication.


Founding myself covering different aspects of professional photography through the ages, (starting as an assistant first and naturally developing as a freelance after), I developed a keen eye for details where composition, exposure and focus are playing a main role, and being passionate about architecture and design, I worked along with architects, construction companies, interior designers, hotel managers and estate agents for a while.

I then made Property Photography my main specialised field, and fully dedicate myself to it since 2007.

After more than 15 years shooting stills, I’ve started in 2015 to get more and more passionate about video making, where photography meets music, to create a strong and complete final product with endless applications, from commercial to personal.


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